Monday, June 9, 2008

CDI Time!

This year's Carson was a sweet throwback to the days of hand digging and DIY-itness. Big thanks out to DJ Cmac for birthing, nurturing and growing the CDI into a rad get-together of friends and random shred fellas. Cory, as some of you know already, had to put the jam on early this year in order to take over the reigns at High Cascade Snowboard Camp for the summer. I'm sure he has already whipped up all kinds of wickedness on Mt. Hood. Congrats out to Cory, you got the juice now.

I don't know who "won" but I'll go ahead and call it, Parker "Goldenchild" Duke 1st place for his sweet jib-drop-450's, 2nd goes to Ben McGill for his guinea pig front 7, and 3rd place to Martin Cambell for his sweet mountain man beard, have fun in Chile brotha!

It was foggy, rainy and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

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