Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fasciination with The Faint

July 31st isn't just any normal summer Thursday. Sure, I'll probably do the usual and head to my favorite dollar taco place in town. But, what makes this Thursday so special is that after downing my fair amount of The Stash covered deliciousness, I'm headed to The Knitting Factory (The old Big Easy) to dance those calories off to one of my favorite bands, The Faint.

This will be their second visit to the City of Trees and if its anything like their first, everyone is in for a good time. You might recognize some of The Faint's tracks from snowboard videos like (my personal favorite), Afterbang (I believe it was Travis Parker's part) and Mack Dawg's From _____ With Love. This time around, they're promoting their new album, Fasciination, which comes out August 5th.

If you've never heard of The Faint, much less witnessed their live show, head to for a listen or check out the video below. It's the projection they use when they perform "Paranoiattack."

As for their live show, most people would think that 5 white boys from Nebraska don't know how to move. Well, they don't. Yet, their energy beats out any good dance moves and the crowd can feel it. I always appreciate a band that gets into their shows as much as, if not more than the audience. The Faint is one of those.

Tickets are on sale at any Ticketweb outlet (Hey, whaddyaknow, Newts is one of those). With the Ticketweb fees, general admission tickets are $22.50. I got mine...come dance with me!

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