Monday, October 6, 2008

Video season is on!

After waiting for what seemed like a year we've finally received some of our video offerings for this year!

Mack Dawgs "Double Decade" and "Down with People", So far this year it's a tossup between Down with People and T Rice's film for my favorite shred flick of this year. Double Decade is pretty up there too, the level of progression and riding is outrageous!

Tech9ine's "Familia" Jake Devine and Magoon absolutely kill it, if you're style is gangster or you're just a fan of some awesome riding be sure to grab this film and check it out.

Runaways all-girl shred flick "See what I See", An awesome lineup of the best women riders in the world with some awesome riding and good music selection it's still on my to-see list, and should be on yours too!

Absinthe's "Ready", Be sure to check out Jeremy Jones section very carefully, you will not see anyone else take the lines this guy takes, truly amazing. Also, be on the look out for some more tobaggon riding from Mikey Leblanc

Think Thanks "Stack Footy" Burtner, Stevens Milbery and Genovese are all back in this film, the riding is the most creative that you will see anywhere.

Travis Rice's much anticipated film "Thats it Thats All" should be here in a couple more weeks so you're going to just have to satisfy the need to watch that flick by watching the teaser over and over.

Autum Line's "Technicolour" This is the only movie i haven't really had time to sit down and watch but according to Ben it's another pleaser that will get you pumped for the upcoming season.

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