Sunday, February 15, 2009

Demo at Snow basin

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to ride next years product, 09/10 at Snowbasin. The big news is reverse camber. The master minds at Mervin Manufacturing or Lib Tech and Gnu are always coming up with something that raises the bar for the entire industry. The skate banana hit the slopes last year with a full blown bang. This year the banana technology was available on most of the Mervin Boards. I love Mervin..they love the earth and work on technology like soy based top sheets, farming their own trees for fast growth and light weight cores. Sometimes I wonder what snowboarding would be like without Mervin leading the way, rather boring I suspect.

The reverse camber is being used by most companies next year. So the deal is that by making the base convex instead concave the contact points are moved. The ride is more forgiving, less catchy and really fun. The steering moves from contact at the nose to under your feet. Reverse camber is amazing in pow, the board wants to swim up. This enables us to ride a twin in powder and not be dying at the end of the day. To summarize, reverse camber is a blast, try one. Newts has The Park Pickle in a 56 cm, the Skate Banana in a 56 cm and the Skate Banana in a 48 cm for demo.

I rode the B-nice from Gnu, the Lipstick from Burton, the Vavavoom from K2 and loved them all. The graphics on the B-nice in this pic is 09 not next years. Rocker, banana, flat to rocker, S rocker, they all have a point, that is to ride and have fun. Newt's is at 30% off boards, boots and bindings and a few rocker boards left. Stop in and see us!

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