Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010-2011 Ride DH 2 review by Timon Marzouca

ProRize is the newest reverse-banana-cam-rock-whatever you call it design from Ride, and they are putting it on the DH2 for next year. Its basically a revised LowRize design thats built around having more pop and hard charging stability. Carbon array and pop stix make the board snap like a skate deck. It carves it pops it flexes and it slaughters the mountain top to bottom. I know the "this board can do everything" description sucks but the DH2 can and will handle everything. It is not the fastest edge to edge but what it gives there it makes up for in stability making it a sick board for hucking carcass on. It has the response and flex of a board suited for dudes who know how to shred there faces off. The DH2 is a ProRize board for people who love camber but want the advantage of float and easy landings in the pow. Slimewalls are dope as usual and cleave edges don't break as easy as regular ones do. Ride made the DH2 an awesome snowboard. It still rides like a regular board, just a lot better. If your the type of dude who either has a beer in hand or is ridin' like a son of a bitch then this board is for you!

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