Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cricket Rail Jam Tour

Thursday (3/12) the Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour came through town for the 3rd year in a row. With a fresh setup and some snow thrown about 60 kids threw them selfs down the rails and boxes in hopes of making the finals. It was a pretty entertaining time and by the looks of it people were enjoying it. We dont currently have any pictures but we have results!

Team rider Jacob St.John took 1st place and some nice foldin' money home, way to go man! And Pat Miller came in 3rd and also took home some foldin' money. Chris Fowler took 2nd and 4th went to Eric (I can't remember Eric's last name, sorry Eric!). It was a good time for all and if you didn't catch it you missed out! Even the crowd got some nice goodies such as free cell phones. Hopefully if it comes again next year we'll be seeing more of your faces out there in the crowd and hopefully on top of the scaffolding!

Pictures to come!

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